Hello world!

Hello world, welcome to my blog,

It seems proper to introduce myself, I’m Sebastian and the last couple of year I been talking too much. The problem with talking is the small reach, of course is enjoyable to talk as you can see the audience reactions and change your story scheme accordingly. A part of this process, as you may imagine, is to learn the art of reading people. Let us not get carry away as this is a complicated subject, I begun studying psychology which was a trip filled of thrill but with an unexpected result. That result is the reason to start a writing career, because my friend this is all I do and will do. Without another solution or alternatives, this is my path.

I’m no writer nor a have ever been good at it, but I’m extremely dedicated and once a get myself involved on a subject I will continue until I’m done. The problem is that you are never done with anything you start but in essence you know when something comes to an end.

Overall I’m an ordinary guy, I was born in Ecuador and while growing up I believed the only thing I’m good at was mathematics. To be fair with my family I’m really good at it. Mathematician is how I used to see myself, but now I only see it as my beginning. Now I’m, as my family says, a Jack of All Trades. I know that is not positive way to describe a persona in this era but it’s because I do what I love. Yes, I do what I love and know that is no longer ordinary in our society.

Thank you for stopping by, I hope been mature enough to write and edit my material before publishing and article but if I have to go back an edit a thing or two here is an apology in advance. Thank You

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