Unconscious of the power of temptation will devise ways to ignore it signs and never-ceasing its chase. Million unchangeable conditions surrounding our environment lead to undesired outcomes. He how is without power to force unrighteousness rule’s the settings we occupy by influencing by temptation. Knowable of the differences that characterize each of its servants, he lures them into its seamless trap within the abyss.

Surrounded by deception, stride blindfolded after a common destiny at the depths of the abyss; finding satisfaction after every slip are at lost within darkness. Eager to discover growth at the nethermost will follow paths of breadcrumbs leading to an eternal cage. Temptation became path to an inverse destiny where total darkness justifies the emptiness of our insignificant existence.

The one granted power over the abyss shall be nameless for eternity, his imperative authority may not grant control over its subjects. Those how serve the tailed angle shall be granted freewill to follow but one master, yet the hostile environment were those fallen shall perish governed by thy. It shall govern over its realm shifting its balance at its will; temptation shall be its tool to rule over the fallen. Those lured into the depths shall perish within the abyss under thy.

Righteous ruler deep within the abyss oversees it servant’s flaws and lures them within by its granted power. Reborn within the abyss those fallen shall not recall existence prior their spawn from darkness. Thy servants shall be granted their desires in a shell which holds trap its essence and for it their limited view will allow them to fulfill endless desires. Lord of the fallen shall keep up order within the abyss by luring its servants to follow a path into the depths.

An abyss filled with sings shall guide for those searching to emerge from darkness. But a path will exist for those in search of being cast out of thy kingdom. Down the road of righteousness thousand traps shall be placed by the one without name as it servants can follow but one lord. Those willed to fight against the depths of eternal darkness shall be granted guidance by unknown entities; discretion will be of most importance as the lord the depths possesses its own emissaries.

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