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A different way to look at the news

Here at Zitux we’re sure that our readers are looking for something new; that’s why our publications are carefully studied to provide the highest quality information on the world wide web.

Our team is formed by highly qualified professionals, driven by results—even though our main goal is to share facts. They will search the web for you, and create answers for the questions floating in your head.

We like to keep it simple, that’s why we’ve created a system which rewards our team with your visits. The only thing we expect from you is a visit, every now and then—let our team know if you’re happy with the content. But don’t forget to be true to yourself, if there’s something you strongly disagree with let us know in the comments. The best way to improve it’s by constant feedback and adjustment.

Our views of the future

The Zitux’ family knows the importance of constraints. We understand that Earth requires a delicate balance to properly sustain life. That’s why there are no future goals of grandeur; we don’t want to become the next big thing; we constantly steer away from that idea. Our future it’s about family—we look forward to the end of a work day and spend time with our loved ones.

Zitux was formed by humans to help humans enjoy the gift of life. We’re a family firstmost and that’s what makes it so special. Our goal is to grow and provide for our loved ones, just enough to enjoy life without costing the balance more than what we’re worth. And we’re thankful for it.

Online publishing platform

Because we know that machines are doing a better job that we could—Zitux has opted to take advantage of the latest technology. Our team of savvy technicians will always be online to help our systems run smoothly. This way we can work from any place in the world, close to our families—for most of us. While others could be located in a tropical paradise close to you.

Our author’s upload their stories on the go. Editors review the content and design the user experience. Once everything is ready we set a date for a final review. The publications are then sent all over the world thanks to our all knowing marketing department.

Meet Our Publishing Authors

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