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Author & Web Developer From Ecuador

” subtitle=”Sebastián Iturralde” margin=”30px 0px 0px”][wr_vc_section_text]It hasn’t been long since I started using the author title over anything else. Thousands of words, but I keep feeling there is much more to learn. I can’t remember the person who said it, but I do remember hearing that you’ll find a path when there’s no way to stop growing, even after years of practice. For that and many other reasons I have decided to personally help others as a freelancer. [/wr_vc_section_text][wr_vc_section_button title=”My Blog” icon_name=”fa-eye” link_url=”http://zitux.com/blog/”][wr_vc_bar width=”100%” height=”70px” float=”left”][wr_vc_counter counter_name1=”Finished projects” counter_num1=”381″ icon1=”fa-puzzle-piece” counter_name2=”Working projects” counter_num2=”5″ icon2=”fa-trophy” counter_name3=”Happy customers” counter_num3=”95″ icon3=”fa-child” counter_name4=”Working hours” counter_num4=”1406″ icon4=”fa-clock-o”][/vc_column][/vc_row]